Our journey Towards Human Rights for Everybody Everywhere is a collective one. Only by working together with like-minded organisations, groups and individuals can we create real and sustainable social change. THREE for All Foundation has developed skills, resources and networks that assist us to achieve exciting and positive outcomes for people in marginalised and disadvantaged communities, but we don't do it alone. 

Sidekicks: the Academy of Change Agents and Local Heroes supports new and emerging groups and organisations and those in resource poor settings to build their own capacity and to more effectively achieve their human rights and social change goals. THREE for All Foundation are the sidekicks, assisting genuine community heroes to achieve change. We assist with strategic planning, research, project development, networking, governance, promotions and attracting resources. Sidekicks also recognises and supports individuals in communities who work with passion, energy and experience to build the changes they want to see in the world.

Some of our Sidekicks participants go on to work with us on THREE for All projects or to become partners with us on larger activities. They also lend us their wisdom and experience as we strive to achieve our aims.   

In 2017/18, our heroes include Vee Romanillos and his organisation Ambition Society, who run discos for young Aboriginal people in Mildura, and Welcome to Eltham, a group of passionate volunteers who've offered services, supports and a wonderful welcome to Syrian refugees arriving in this Melbourne suburb. We're helping Ambition Society with governance, policy and planning, and Welcome to Eltham with strategic planning and program development.