Participation in organised sport or other recreational activities carries with it many benefits for children and young people. Beside the obvious health benefits, team sports provide social connection and teach teamwork, discipline and engagement with rules. For many children participation in sport is a chance to experience success and demonstrate prowess, which builds confidence and self-esteem. Of course, for most kids who play sport the most important attribute that it provides is fun!

THREE for All Foundation's Sporting Chance program provides sponsorship to cover club registrations and the purchase of uniforms, boots or other equipment for disadvantaged children and young people in Sunraysia, Australia. Sponsorships are awarded via schools to ensure that genuinely disadvantaged children and families benefit, and to act as an incentive for participation and engagement at school. In 2018 we're awarding $150 sponsorships to 180 disadvantaged children.  

We're also helping sporting clubs to understand and implement their responsibilities towards disadvantaged and traumatised young people, to welcome and support children and families from diverse cultural backgrounds, to provide safe and appropriate experiences for all participants and to establish transport plans for children whose families may not be able to provide transport to and from training days and matches. In 2018, we're working with five priority clubs.